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Performance Coach Software™


Every trader can improve through effective reviews of performance. Much like any skill, effective and timely reviews make a difference.

From a knowledge management perspective, Data can be processed and enriched to deliver Information which provide answers to 'who', 'what', 'where', and 'when'.

Information can be further analyzed via simple machine learning, artificial intelligence, visualization and other techniques into Knowledge which provides insights into 'how' things are occurring.

Knowledge can be further processed, assessed, combined, compared and contrasted in ways that help deliver the answer to 'why'.

Wisdom comes through the journey from Data to Knowledge, achieving full understanding and the ability to influence the future and improve performance in a given endeavor.

The easier and more automated such reviews are, the more often they will occur. This is a practical outcome from human interaction: simpler is better. The more often performance is reviewed, the more likely improvements will be implemented.

Benefits of the software

Multiple Accounts

Enable an holistic view of positions and performance across all accounts for the client.

Many clients have multiple accounts, e.g., taxable, 401k, IRA, etc. These accounts are likely to be at different financial institutions. The software enables aggregated views across any or all accounts allowing improved diversification tracking.

It also improves identification of single stock risks or unplanned overweight/underweight conditions that might otherwise not be apparent.

Performance Management

Enable in depth reviews of trade performance on a particular equity; a particular sector; and, a particular trade type, e.g., short, long, Bull Put spreads, Bear Call Spreads, Iron Condors, Broken Wing Condors, etc.

By including conditions at the time of the trade(s) (Greeks, Volatility, Average True Range, RSI, 20-50-200 day moving average, etc.), more insight is possible leading to improved performance.

Some relationships may only become apparent with a visual display.

For example, plotting the date and price of every opening and closing transaction may reveal that trade price relative to the 200 day moving average has been overlooked. A simple fix that may lead to better results.

This plot could also reveal that winners are being cut too short. Considering how to protect the downside while letting the upside run may well create more profits.

Reviews can also reveal that being profitable on a particular equity never happens for you; just strike it from you list.

If it were quick and easy to create charts and graphs that would display this sort of information, more traders would do it, and they would do it more often. This has the potential for a step change in performance by helping to answer the 'why' questions:

  • Why was that trade so good?
  • Why did I exit where I did?
  • Why did I take a bearish position on what was clearly a bullish trend?
  • And, the 'what' questions:
  • What can I do to make my profitable trades more profitable?
  • What can I do to minimize the damage on poorly performing trades?
  • What position types are working best in this market, e.g., long term hold, short term short calls, medium term calendars, etc.

So, give it a shot!

Find Java console on your machine and trust '' under the security settings; save .jnlp files to desktop and launch. Accept trust of